Friday, August 21, 2009

Dragon Boat Races

Good Morning,

I have actually posted 3 different post today so scroll down to view all of them. I live in Youngsville and there is a development called Sugar Mill Pond that is along the same lines as River Ranch just a little smaller scale. I have only been here 5 years and this subdivision started after I moved here. They are always having different activities and anyone is invited to attend. Since I live right across the highway we go to some of the activities. Every year they have what is called Reaux for Miles Dragon Boat Races. It's to raise money for the Miles Perret Center. I had never gone before, but this year my husband and I decided to go. It starts very early in the morning and there are all these groups there to race to help raise money for this center. It's wonderful to see the boats gliding across the calm water. Some teams are very serious and some are just there to have a laugh. But one thing is the same across the board, they are there because they care!!!
I enjoyed taking pictures that moring and knew I would have to do a layout. I used Bazzill dotted cardstock, K& Company paper for my matting of the pictures, I put together different swirlie stamps in the bottom corner, stamped a few dragon flies, stickled on top those, bling, and took different fibers and twisted them together for the dragons fire. A couple of the dragonflies are stickers that I put on black cardstock cut them out and then used the Perfect Pearls to give it a stained glass look.

Take Flight

My son, grandson, husband and nephew went with my dad to a Corvair meeting in New Orleans. One of the members flew in for the meeting which was held at a hanger. Even though the weather wasn't that great he took the boys up in his plane for a quick flight around the area.

I had a great time doing this layout. I used my Cricut for the title Take Flight and I cut out the plane using the new cart Stand and Salute. I tried to duplicate the plane as best I could. I was even able to read the numbers off of the picture and put it on the plane. The background paper is Little Yellow Bicycle. The only thing I want to do is add a tag somewhere for journaling.

Glitz Girls @TM

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry it's been a while since I have posted. I do not know where the summer has gone. My grandson stayed with us all summer and we had been very busy trying to keep a 7 year old entertained. I was trying to post all of my layouts in one, but I guess I had to many pictures. So I will have a few different post today. First I know I am behind but for those of you that didn't get to go to TM crop weekend in July you missed a really good one. I was only able to go for the classes and not the crop but the classes were awesome!!! I have not put pictures yet on the layout taught by the TM teachers but it came out great. I still have to finish my canvas b00k taught by Donna but the techniques we learned in that class, all I can say is WOW. The Glitz Girls class was really fun. They are very cool. I had to bring my grandson with me to the store for this class and I must say he was very good. For the first half of the class no one know he was in the kitchen area playing, he was so quiet. He took the group picture with us and I told him that later on in life he will come to appreciate that photo. HAHA Enjoy the layout and more post to come.